From the perfect storm to a new calling

Contributed by Carla Barnes, CAIRE Inc.


The doctors told Bob Rawlins and his wife, Terese, that there was an 80 percent chance he wasn’t going to make it.

“It was the perfect storm. I had gotten a vestibular virus that had caused irreparable nerve damage to both my ears, and I found myself struggling to breathe doing simple things like walking from my car to inside my office each morning. My assistant would hear me come in coughing and would ask me if I was okay, and I would always say, ‘Just give me a minute.’ Not soon after I found myself on a ventilator in the intensive care unit of the hospital with double pneumonia. Later my medical team would tell me and wife that I had ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).”

Rawlins made an important decision that day – the choice to live and do whatever it takes to improve his health. Personally he said he had two major things going for him – faith and determination. Also, he said he had a medical team that was not only talented, but clearly had his back in this journey to regain a normal life.

“The nurses and doctors would pop in and ask me, ‘Can I pray with you,’” he said.

Having lost more than 42 lbs. and most of his strength, the simple task of moving from the bed to the chair was an ordeal.

“Before this I would train in the gym every week, and now I couldn’t even raise my arm to wipe my nose,” he said. “It literally took me 20 minutes. Laying there in bed with a tube up my nose, I thought to myself, ‘really?’”

This slow process was tough on the father of 12-year-old triplets – not to mention his professional life as a marketing executive who was used to moving at a fast, digital pace.

“It is a slow process,” he said. “I had tremendous anxiety and turmoil just to get out of the bed and sit up once a day.”

All told it would take nine weeks to get him in the position to go home to his family – and with him this time would be a prescription for oxygen therapy.

“They sent me home on tanks,” he said. “I was on continuous flow, 2 LPM, in the house so we could keep me in the steady 90s for pulse oximeter reading.”

Rawlins discovered he was not satisfied with the performance and portability of his oxygen tanks.

“I had the huge tank for when I went out and a smaller one, but they weren’t lasting long – so that was a pain,” he said.

This propelled him to do research into his options and the discovery of the eQuinox portable oxygen concentrator, manufactured by CAIRE Inc. He said the thing that sticks out most to him is the way the device delivers the oxygen through his nasal cannula.

“It’s tons better than any tank I’ve been on. The pulse oxygen delivery at the beginning of my breath is amazing. You can feel the burst and the body accepts it. It is much better for me. I can do much more with this,” he said.

To learn more about the eQuinox, call a CAIRE oxygen advisor at 1-877-704-0878.

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