So, how’s the family doing?

Contributed by Bob Rawlins, oxygen user and consultant to CAIRE Inc. ~ 

This is a very busy world we live in. Things change, people change, environments change, neighborhoods change, and we change.

I believe we don’t always take the time to see how the family is doing. Smell the roses and enjoy life more. We get caught up in the hustle bustle of our everyday lives.

If we continue to run too fast, we run out of energy, and just like a race, we may not finish the way we wanted or maybe not at all. Our intentions are good but sometimes we get so busy that the important things we set out to accomplish get compromised in the wrong direction.

We’ve been talking about those of us on the current journey of facing a disability or living with a chronic lung illness and needing to be a bit selfish in regards to our health. No doubt.

Even those that are on a specific career path need to be self-aware of their needs to succeed, again, no doubt.

However, yes there is always, a wait a minute, LOL. Do we realize what our family is going through or dealing with as well? If your success is taking away from your family, how successful are you? This is of course, preference, we all make choices in our lives and it is for no one else to judge those decisions if you and your loved ones are happy with them.

So, do we take enough time to see how the family is adjusting to these decisions?

It is so important for us as the chronically ill to be sensitive to the feelings and situations your family is going through. Take the time to understand them.

It has been frustrating for me at times. Family members always telling me to be careful, asking “Where is your oxygen level at?” or telling me, “You shouldn’t be doing that.” Constant advice about what I should be doing. It has caused some tension, anxiety, even stress at times. But remember, they are going through a huge adjustment as well.

Most are not used to seeing you like this and at times struggling.

I used to play golf with the same group of guys for years. Once I started trying to play again. Things were different for them and me. I have always been a decent athlete and they were very saddened by my new limited ability to participate. It is hard for friends and family to accept at times. They are also more cautious, why?


Don’t ever forget to give the Love, as well as receive it. Everyone wants to be appreciated, thanked, acknowledged – it is all good!

Family and friends will always struggle when those close to them are having health or even emotional issues. That’s what makes it so great to have family and friends around to help you with your new lifestyle changes. Just appreciate them, thank them, and hug them. It’s not hard, but, so very important for all of you.

My kids have gone through so much and it is amazing to me just how wonderful they are adjusting. They were so scared and at times even frightened when I first came home from my 8-week stay in the hospital. It is hard for them to not have the same Dad they did just two years ago. But they are happy to have me around more, I think, LOL.

Now my wife, well, pain in the butt, ring a bell? 🙂

We both have had to make huge adjustments with me being home more and of course being too opinionated at times, I’m sure.

When you are used to working every day and being caught up in the rat race, forced retirement and health issues can be a challenge.

I have accepted the challenge and so should you if you haven’t yet.

Live whatever life you have to the fullest every day. Stop, smell the roses, pay a complement and accept one.

‘Til next time!




– Coach Bob

Bob Rawlins, 60, of Medina, Ohio, is husband to Terese and father to their 13-year-old triplets, a soccer coach, a hospital volunteer, and marketing guru. He enjoys skiing and golfing with his SeQual eQuinox portable oxygen concentrator.  

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