FAQs regarding the new FAA guidelines for portable oxygen concentrators

By Lanier Hogan, CAIRE Inc. Product Manager Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Why can’t I find my portable oxygen concentrator listed on the FAA site? As of August 22, 2016, the FAA requires portable oxygen concentrator manufacturers to perform a self-certification and any POCs released after that date will no longer get added to the... Continue Reading →

Are you being effective, influential, or even approachable in the way you go about your day and life?

Contributed by Bob Rawlins, oxygen user and consultant to CAIRE Inc. ~  Part One ~ I was at my daughter’s Leadership Breakfast this past week. Being an 8th grader and waiting for the next big step towards high school can be and is a big thing. Her school has these recognition type events to help... Continue Reading →

Oxygen suppliers, concentrators, and Medicare reimbursement

Contributed by Jim Nelson, consultant to CAIRE Inc. ~ When lung disease progresses to the point that the patient needs supplemental oxygen, they enter a whole new world of terminology and bureaucracy. Gas bottles, regulators, concentrators, liquid oxygen, cannulas, and on and on… So, Medicare and supplemental insurance will cover whatever I need, right? Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

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